Different solutions to fill boxes can be found within the All Vegetable Solutions range.


The fully automatic potato box filler DF-PANDORA has been designed to suit all type of box.

Designed to meet the customer requirements and to respect the product, the potato box filler DF-PANDORA is fitted with two hydraulically adjustable heads to avoid the drop height. With this system, the boxes are perfectly and the potatoes and onions are completely respected.

The box filler DOWNS DF-PANDORA has been designed to increase the productivity of the whole potato and onion receiving line.

This box filler offers a unique and personalized storage solution to meet the specific requirements of every user.



The DOWNS DF-BOXER is an automatic double box fillers for potatoes and onions.

Respectful, the potato bin filler DF BOXER is different thanks to the low working speed of the conveyor dropping gently the product in the box. This way, the boxes are uniformly filled and the product is respected.

The potato box filler DF Boxer makes it possible to reach a work output of 50 boxes/hour to save time and increase efficiency during the storage.

This potato bin filler is following all security tests for an intensive work in safe conditions.