The Transloader: a new 2-in-1 DOWNS GEO concept


The new DOWNS GEO DTX-18 Transloader, a new patented concept: one machine for two functions, transborder and fieldloader.

This new range of machines has been developed in order to meet the requirements of farmers regarding an ever more complicated problem: to transport the product only (especially potatoes and carrots) without soil or any other unwanted elements.

The demand is strong in the Netherlands where, for health reasons, the soil must go back to the field it comes from. Everywhere else, in a first place, this solution will allow a significant improvement of the logistic organization in the fields and decrease the transport costs of the product. Indeed only the product wanted will be transported.

The transloader is equipped with a hopper of 18-20 tons capacity relying on a unique and patented frame whose double axletrees can slide to offer a lower and upper position of the hopper. Thanks to these double axletrees, the distribution of the weight is optimized to limit the settlings on the ground. The transfer of the product from the hopper to the elevator is possible thanks to a “By-pass” conveyor. This “By-pass” conveyor offers two solutions: either to load directly the product or to send it through a cleaning system before getting to the elevator. According to the kind of soil, the cleaning module can be changed for a maximum efficiency.

The use is easy and friendly thanks to a 12-inch touchscreen and a wireless radio control, gathering all the functions and cameras in one place. This transloader is ISOBUS Ready.

The transloader can be used in two ways.

For the transborder mode, the DOWNS GEO DTX-18 needs to be coupled with a tractor. It moves forward simultaneously with the harvester. As soon as the hopper of the transloader is full, the product can be loaded directly into trailers or boxes. It can also be loaded into trailers or boxes after going through the cleaning module. This way the trailer will transport the wanted product only.

For the fieldloader mode, the DOWNS GEO DTX-18 is ready at the end of the field where it receives the product from the trailers in order to clean it before loading it into boxes or trailers again.

Further to a successful test phase, the DOWNS GEO DTX-18 transloader is now available on the market for the next season.

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