DOWNS’ history started in 1860 in England.

Edward Walter DOWNS, an English blacksmith based in Suffolk, wanted to follow the industrialization of the potato market by manufacturing the first potato handling machines.

Since the beginning, DOWNS has always been synonymous of quality, perfomance and innovation.

In terms of innovation, DOWNS has created the first automatic box filler and the first web sizer. Nowadays, DOWNS is even more focused on innovation.

In 1981, the French group DUBRULLE, a handling equipment specialist, becomes the DOWNS importer for the French market. The success has been quick and 2006, the DUBRULLE Group took over his English supplier DOWNS.

At that time, a first factory has been created. 4 years later, in 2010, an extension has been built to follow the growth.

2015 is a key year for DOWNS. Actually, in 2015, a brand new factory has been created in the north of France, in Sainte-Marie-Cappel. The new factory is fully integrated with the ability to start the production with raw materials up to the delivery to the customers.

DOWNS solutions mean reliability, used-friendly and performance. Nowadays, DOWNS is key European player and a first class manufacturer.

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