potato cup planter
AGRONOMIC Potato planter


AGRONOMIC offers a complete range of potato belt planter :

  • 2 rows mounting potato belt planter
  • 2 rows trailed belt planter
  • 3 rows mounted potato planter
  • 3 rows trailed potato planter
  • 4 rows mounted potato planter
  • 4 rows trailed potato planter

On potato ridges or on potato beds, compact and easy  to maintain

All models are fitted with electronic counting for an accurate knowledge of quantity of potatoes per hectare

The 2 row potato belt planter can be mechanical or electro-hydraulic driven

The 3 and 4 row potato planters are always electro-hydraulic driven with computer

All potato planting solutions can be customized:

  • Automatic adjustment of the belts (always horizontal in hilly conditions)
  • Large hoppers,fix or hydraulic
  • Steering axle available for trailed models
  • Covering by mean of discs or hood with stainless steel sides or extensions



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