Processing Potato Box Storage in North Africa

Since its first potato storage installation in North Africa, KLIM’TOP CONTROLS has already updated the most innovative product used in this area for the processing potatoes storage.

And now, the scale of the projects is becoming bigger as some customers are integrating the European harvest way.

Due to its intelligent software, which allows the system to learn automatically and progressively

which adjustments are acceptable or not, as it works, the KLIM’TOP CONTROLS units adjusting and programming that is required with the outsides conditions as : Extreme ambient temperature, very low ambient humidity, CO2 Level, Electricity supply…

Following the success of KLIM’TOP CONTROLS potato storages, the KLIMTOP CONTROLS model will be duplicated at some others existing and new sites, “KLIM’TOP CONTROLS potato regulation is exceptionally accurate and consistent, it allows potato growers and processors to keep a top quality and weighs crop more efficiently and accurately with one « Alpha supervisor : the KLIM’MANAGER ».

Using the same supervisor (via PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablets) allows the users to keep in touch with its storage and to be in position to react in any case.

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