As the demand for vegetable solutions and safe food in the world increases rapidly, a high knowledge level and integral approach is now necessary.

The result of this approach is definitively a global view and requires different knowledges, experiences and fileds. AVS is the association of the following brands :

  • AGROFRESH SOLUTIONS: Refrigeration systems advisor
  • AGRONOMIC: Potato planter cup and Potato planter belt manufacturer
  • BARBARIE: Wooden box manufacturer for potato, onion, carrot,…
  • BRIAND: Vegetable washing line manufacturer
  • DOWNS: Potato and onion handling equipment manufacturer
  • KLIM’TOP CONTROLS: Refrigeration systems manufacturer
  • NOBLE: Potato and carrot washing line manufacturer
  • SIMON: Carrot harvester manufacturer

The AVS mission is direct marketing action all over the world and will bring vegetable and profit to our customers and all of us. Alone, I go faster; together, we go further ..